Music Together Classes are no longer being offered at Evergreen Academy.  The website is currently being updated to reflect this change.

About Music Together®

As hundreds of thousands of families worldwide know, Music Together is the joy of children and their grownups sharing songs, rhymes, movement, and instrument play, both in music class and in their daily lives. A pioneering music and movement curriculum for children, Music Together offers classes for children newborn through kindergarten, in which parents and caregivers actively participate.

Essential to the Music Together approach is the belief that all children are musical, and that their natural aptitude for music will blossom in a sufficiently rich music environment. In fact, when given a supportive music environment, children learn to sing and dance as naturally as they learn to walk and talk.

Young children learn through play and experimentation, and by watching and listening to the grownups they love. Children whose parents demonstrate a love of reading will learn to love books, and children who observe their parents enjoying the process of making music will love music too, and learn to sing and dance as naturally as they can walk or talk. At Music Together we introduce parents and their young children to the joys of actively making music rather than passively consuming it from the media and performances. Parents don't need to have musical skills, just a desire to play and have fun with their children!

Music Together Classes

  • Fully trained, registered Music Together teachers lead groups of six to twelve children and their grownups in forty-five minutes of music and movement experiences.
  • Each weekly class offers a dozen songs and rhythmic rhymes, including fingerplays, small and large movement activities, and instrument play.
  • Flexible lesson plans give participants opportunities to create and improvise: making up new words to songs, offering movement ideas, making silly sounds, and sharing music ideas from the family's play at home.
  • The research-based curriculum develops music skills; nurtures creativity, self-expression, and confidence; and provides social, emotional, cognitive, and physical developmental benefits.
  • The relaxed, playful, non-performance-oriented classroom setting respects and supports the unique learning styles, developmental levels, and temperaments of all participants, creating a strong sense of community.
  • At-home materials include a professionally recorded CD and songbook for each semester

Music Together goes far beyond the classroom experience. Its wealth of engaging songs and activities serve as a springboard for spontaneous music play at home, empowering families and filling their daily lives with musical joy.

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