Suzuki Guitar

Quality guitar instruction for kids 4 and up!

Learning guitar using the Suzuki Method requires a strong commitment from families, but the payoff for children is huge. Our goal at Evergreen Academy is not to develop musical prodigies--although our students play exceptionally well--but to:


  • nurture quality one-on-one time between parents and their young children foster a sense of community and teamwork by having children play their instruments together regularly.
  • instill in children the sense of discipline and accomplishment that comes from daily work.
  • most of all, have these things happen in a fun, constructive way.


Children receive instruction in two formats:  private lesson and group class.  In the private lesson, the student, parent and teacher work together on specific goals to improve a specific piece or technical goal.  Group class is an opportunity for many children at the same level to play together and have fun making music. 

To begin, the parent who will be the primary home coach must take 4 lessons WITHOUT their child.  This allows the parent to get a good understanding of the instrument and can confidently guide their children at home.  Also, there is a great deal to learn about the particulars of using the Suzuki Program that parents MUST understand before beginning lessons.  The parent lessons will also include discussions on Suzuki philosophy and teaching techniques.

When your child does start lessons, he or she is expected to attend group class as well.  This is included in tuition, and is truly an essential element of your child’s education.   While I understand that conflicts do arise, I ask that parents treat both lessons like the priority they need to be for their child to succeed in their musical studies.

Listening at home to the accompanying CD is also an essential part of the process. Just as your child learned how to speak as a baby by hearing spoken language as a constant component of his or her surroundings, when the student already knows what his or her songs sound like before playing them on the guitar it makes the process much easier and more rewarding.

Please consider carefully whether or not the commitment to studying Suzuki guitar is something your family wants to do.  This is not a typical music-store type of lesson; it is time-tested program with amazing results for those who wish to partake in it.  Also remember that one of the most important aspects we believe in is that children should have a positive experience studying music that they will carry with them as they grow into adults.

To get a better idea of Suzuki philosophy, please visit The Suzuki Association of the Americas

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