Materials Needed

Required materials for starting guitar

    • A guitar of appropriate size and quality with a case or cover.
      Please DO NOT purchase a guitar without speaking to the instructor first. An instrument of the appropriate quality and size is a huge part of your child’s success. An acceptable instrument will cost at least $175 new and can be found in some quality musical instrument retail stores or from a specialty vendor online (not Target, Walmart or Toys R Us). I recommend the Strunal or Cordoba Requinto models above all else.
    • Suzuki guitar Book 1
    • Suzuki Guitar Book 1 CD
    • An appropriately-sized stool or chair without arms.
      I highly recommend a kid-sized drum stool; they are the perfect size and shape for most young children. (And they’re portable for easy transport to lessons, group class and performances) The seat must be small enough that children can sit with both feet flat on the floor and the lap horizontal.
    • A guitarist’s footstool.
      This is relatively easy to find at most guitar stores
    • Helping Parents Practice by Dr. Edmund Sprunger.
      Available at Young Musicians or Yes Publishing.
    • A Black Three Ring Student Binder – about 2”.
      It should have five dividers and include some music staff paper.
    • A parent notebook. Any size or style
    • A music stand for home practice

Quality guitars, the Suzuki books, Suzuki CDs, drumstools and footstools can all be purchased locally (to the Baltimore/DC area) at Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio, a classical guitar boutique in the Catonsville area. Mike’s shop is open by appointment only, please call him at 410-242-0326 and/or visit his web address at to confirm he’s open.

Another excellent resource for instruments, accessories, strings and music is

As your child progresses through Book 1 he or she will need additional books to work on note reading;
recommendations for those will be given when the time comes.

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