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It is very important for parents to have a comprehensive understanding of the Suzuki Method before their child begins lessons. A young child cannot undertake the difficult task of learning an instrument without help from his or her parent throughout the process, so here at Evergreen Academy great efforts are made to empower parents to make learning the guitar a fun activity for the whole family.

There are a few ways Suzuki guitar lessons at Evergreen Academy will be different from traditional lessons:

    • To begin, parents must take a parent ed course before their child begins. During this course, parents learn about how their child will progress through program, techniques to make practice fun and rewarding at home, and a few basics on how to play the guitar. Young children need help maintaining a regular practice schedule, maintaining focus while practicing, and positive feedback in their environment to succeed, so parents having the right knowledge to support that is essential
    • young children initially learn to play the guitar by ear. This is done for a few reasons: it works with the way young children naturally process information; it allows them to focus on the technical challenges of playing the instrument rather than decoding musical notation; and it helps develop a good ear for music. Once kids get through about half of Book One, we begin learning how to read music.
    • In addition to their private lesson, kids of the same age get together once every two weeks to play their music together, as well as music theory games (to help with reading and understanding written music) and ensemble skills (playing with other people). Currently, each group class meets approximately once every two weeks.
    • Children learn guitar in the classical style; that is, they are playing melodic songs rather than strumming chords. This type of study lends itself well to formal lessons and provides such a good foundation that kids will be able to learn any style of music they wish as they get older.


There are a few other important things for families thinking about registering at Evergreen Academy:

    • The proper instrument is ESSENTIAL to begin lessons. There are many cheap, toy type instruments on the market that are NOT an appropriate quality or size to begin lessons. Please speak to the instructor before purchasing an instrument for your child.
    • Because children are learning by ear, parents need to have the Suzuki Book regularly playing the Suzuki Guitar Book 1 CD playing in the home. When children know the music on the CD well, it makes learning the songs a joyful, rewarding experience.
    • A positive working environment both in the lesson and during home practice is very important to a child’s success.
    • Daily practice of an age appropriate amount of time (starting with 10 minutes a day for a child's first few lessons and increasing to 30 minutes as a student gets to the end of book 1 and beyond) is expected of every child.


Because of large amount of parent involvement, the Suzuki method will not necessarily work for every family. For those who wish to partake it really produces amazing results.


Current tuition for the Suzuki guitar program is $31.00/week.
This includes a bi-weekly group class and is payable in 9-week installments.

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